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Congratulations Angie Feng and Jina Min on Successful Completion of the CPA Exam

We are delighted to announce that two of our Calgary colleagues, Tax Specialist Angie Feng and Senior Tax Specialist Jina Min have successfully completed their CPA exams.  This is a major milestone and a successful grade is a key requirement to becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant.  While the exam was in September, the results were […]

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Top 5 Tax Issues: Canadians with U.S. Vacation Property

November 13, 2020

Many Canadians own U.S. vacation property and look forward to winter when they can spend time in their sunny second homes. Canadians that own U.S. real property need to understand the U.S. and Canadian tax issues on the rental or sale of their property. This article considers the top 5 tax issues that Canadian resident owners […]

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U.S. Election 2020: Tax Implications for Canadians

November 9, 2020

Join Andersen Tax LLP Partners Warren Dueck and Steven Flynn for a Zoom virtual briefing on what’s ahead for Canadians with cross-border investments and activities. Warren and Steven will be discussing the topics outlined in our previous post Top 5 Tax Issues for Canadians with a Biden Presidency. There will be opportunities to ask questions […]

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Top 5 Tax Issues for Americans Moving to Canada

October 27, 2020

Moving to another country is the most significant tax event in most people’s lifetime.  There are wins to be taken advantage of and potential traps to be avoided.  Americans have a unique issue in Canada, they will be subject to tax in both Canada and the U.S. and enter the complex world of tax disclosures […]

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