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The IRS issues long-awaited good news for US persons regarding reporting and filing requirements for Canadian tax-favored foreign trusts

ALERT: IRS Revenue Procedure 2020-17, issued March 2, 2020, provides guidance and relief for eligible US persons regarding tax-favoured (Canadian) foreign trusts including RESPs and RDSPs.
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IRS Assistance With Estate Taxes For International Filers

March 2, 2020
Failure to properly address U.S. tax issues and filing requirements when dealing with U.S. estate tax can have serious consequences. Understanding your obligations is key.
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Final Regulations Partially Mitigate Overbroad Controlled Foreign Corporation Attribution Rules Passed as Part of 2017 U.S. Tax Reform

January 28, 2020
Despite new final tax regulations, U.S. taxpayers continue to deal with unexpected tax consequences of the overbroad rule change to the Controlled Foreign Corporation regime.
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IRS Amnesty Programs Are Closing Soon. What You Need to Know.

January 23, 2020
In November 2019, the IRS confirmed its intention to close some of the IRS streamlined programs. Closure of these programs will affect your options if you have past U.S. federal income tax liabilities and filing delinquencies.
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