Tax Talk: Warren Dueck and Krista Rabidoux on Tax Issues When Moving to Canada

February 12, 2021
Moving to Canada 101: Tax Issues

If you were unable to join us on February 8, 2021 for our Tax Talk “Moving to Canada 101,” you can watch the presentation on our YouTube channel here.

You can also review the slides used during the presentation here Moving to Canada 101 Tax Issue Feb08-21.

Thank you to all the attendees. Your questions were most welcome and gave us the feedback we need to keep producing content that is educational and useful to you. 

We note that every tax situation is unique. Your specific facts will affect which laws apply, the opportunities open to you, and whether there are pitfalls that you need to consider. Our presentation is intended to give you a general overview of issues that frequently arise and should not be taken as one-size-fits-all tax or legal advice. If you have questions after watching the webinar we invite you to contact us to discuss your situation.

We are continuing to develop other cross-border tax presentations and we welcome your input. If there are particular topics that you would like us to cover please send your requests to Nicole Elzinga, Senior Manager of Technology and Business Development.

Andersen Tax

Andersen Tax

February 12, 2021 | 9:05 am

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