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Senior Tax Manager

Andersen Tax in Canada has a job opening for a Senior Tax Manager. The successful candidate will be familiar with US and cross-border tax matters working principally with Canadian business and investment in the US and US citizens resident in Canada.

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U.S. Transition Tax – Update Number Five

June 7 2018

As they did before the April 15th tax filing deadline, the IRS once again issued guidance on the U.S. transition tax right before a tax filing deadline. This time, the filing deadline is June 15, the extended filing deadline for U.S. taxpayers abroad, the very group U.S. transition tax impacts. Guidance published on Monday, June 4th provides filing and payment relief for individuals in certain circumstances

Transition Tax

Warren Dueck Joins Global News Morning Calgary to Discuss the new U.S. Tax Reforms

May 29 2018

Warren Dueck joins Global News Morning Calgary to discuss the new U.S. tax reforms and how many Canadian residents may be facing new tax bills.

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U.S. Transition Tax – A Fourth Update

April 14 2018

In mid-April, there is usually a race against time by taxpayers and accountants to meet U.S. tax filing deadlines. The normal U.S. tax filing deadline for the 2017 year for individuals and certain U.S. entities is Tuesday, April 17th (a few days later than the usual April 15th due to weekends and a U.S. holiday on Monday).  Entering the “race against time” this year is the Internal Revenue Service itself, who on Friday April 13th published more guidance on the U.S. Transition Tax, a mere four days before the filing deadline.  The IRS has been very active this winter and spring providing updates and guidance for the U.S. Transition Tax enacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December.  Links to our blog entries on the previous updates are at the end of this blog.

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