Representation before Canada Revenue Agency and Internal Revenue Service

Representation before CRA and the IRS

Professional representation is very important when dealing with tax authorities in both Canada and the U.S.  If you have failed to file past tax returns, been reassessed or chosen for an audit, a knowledgeable tax professional can navigate and simplify the process of dealing with Canada Revenue Agency, Internal Revenue Service and state, provincial and municipal tax matters.

Representation before Canada Revenue Agency

The Canada Revenue Agency needs authorization to discuss tax matters with your representative.  When you authorize a representative, you can let that person represent you for tax matters at a level of authorization and for the tax years specified by you.

You can authorize a representative to have access to your personal or business tax information, communicate on your behalf and to request changes to your tax returns and other tax matters on your behalf.

At Andersen Tax, we can act as representatives for you before Canada Revenue Agency for individual, corporate and other tax matters.

Representation before the Internal Revenue Service

Representation before the Internal Revenue Service falls into two categories:  unlimited representation and limited representation.

Limited Representation

Limited representation authorizes a tax professional to represent you only if they prepared and signed your U.S. tax return.

Unlimited Representation

Unlimited representation allows a “credentialed” tax practitioner to represent you before the IRS on any tax matter. A credentialed tax professional is a tax practitioner who is a Certified Public Accountant or Enrolled Agent. A Power of Attorney (POA) allows the credentialed tax professional to advocate, negotiate and sign on your behalf.

At Andersen Tax we have U.S. credentialed tax practitioners who can represent you before the IRS on any tax matter for both individual and corporate tax.

Authorizations similar to those identified above also exist for provincial, state and city tax agencies.